Marsha Therese Danzig has been studying and teaching yoga for over three decades. She pioneered a number of international yoga programs, including Color Me Yoga for Children®, and Yoga for Amputees®, which has been voted one of the 13 best adaptive yoga programs in the US. She has trained and taught thousands of students worldwide, from Red Cross professionals in war-torn Myanmar to three year olds at a French immersion Montessori pre-school.

               She has authored four books, including a memoir, From The Roots and Yoga or Busy Little Hands: Mudras For Children.

               Yoga for Amputees:The Essential Guide to Finding Wholeness After Limb Loss for Yoga Students and Their Teachers, is her fifth book. 

             She is a compassionate and spiritually based yoga educator who adores teaching her students, and being part of their awakening journey. As a yoga therapist she specializes in adaptive yoga and pain management. She is also a movement therapist and metaphysician who believes that the spiritual can be found in the mundane daily tasks of life. She is one of  the first amputee yoga teachers in the US, and proud to have survived bone cancer as a young child.  The long term effects of her childhood cancer included kidney failure, dialysis, transplantation,and congestive heart failure. Her life is a testimony to her inherent belief that JOY is a birthright , and choosing that JOY daily is vital to overcoming challenges. In her spare time she is a passionate flamenco dancer and hispanophile.  Every day, every moment is a gift.

Marsha's story - Marsha Therese Danzig
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